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One of the most common questions we get is "Where did the name Zymos come from?" 

The long and short of it is that the name is a play on Zymurgy or Zymology, which both refer to the science of fermentation. Going a little further back, all of these words come from the Greek root zymo - meaning fermentation or leavening. 

At Zymos, we think that brewing great beer is equal parts art and science, so we added a little creative twist to the science that supports every beer we make. 

Our Story


When we founded Zymos Brewing in 2019, our goal was to create a welcoming space where people could come to drink a great craft beer and build a community. We're passionate about making great beer, but more than that, we're passionate about people. 

Zymos is a place you can come after work to unwind, or swing by with friends to play a board game while drinking a pint. Maybe you're hoping to make new friends, or you're excited to catch up with old ones. Every member of the Zymos team has great memories of time spent in one of Colorado's many craft breweries. We want to help people make memories like that right here in Littleton. 

Our Beer

Our Beer

Each of our beers is hand-crafted right here in our 5 barrel brewhouse. We strive to have a wide variety of beers on tap from clean, traditional lagers, to rich, malty stouts, and everything in between.


If you’re looking for something a bit more unusual, check out our Zymos Underground beers. Here you’ll find beers from our foeder aging program, barrel aged beers, and unusual one-off beers featuring novel ingredients or historic styles. 


Our beer list is always changing, so come check out what we have on tap right now. 

Our Philosophy
zymos -Educated Rodents.jpg

Our Philosophy

Great beer, great friends, and great conversations. This is what we’re all about at Zymos Brewing. Founded in 2019, our goal has always been to create and grow a community space where people can hang out and enjoy a wide selection of excellent craft beers. 


From our 5 barrel, on-site brewhouse to our taproom lounge, we’ve built Zymos with the hope that people want to come here to talk with friends, play games, and relax.  We at Zymos Brewing have always loved the great community that surrounds craft beer in Colorado, and we want to bring that to Littleton. 


Swing by our taproom sometime and check it out for yourself!

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

wishing well pale.jpg


James is the brains behind our beers. James is an award-winning brewer with four years as a professional brewer plus over a decade of home brewing under his belt, James is passionate about making great beer.  If you ask James what kind of beer he likes, he’ll say “all of them”, but he’s always been a sucker for a great Czech Pilsner.

silver eyed stalker.jpg


Alex keeps the show running day-to-day and you’ll find her in the taproom more often than not. Alex got her start as an engineer working for the mining industry, but left that in search of a career with more community. Alex is a fan of malty beers and has way too many cats for her own good, which is why our Silver Eyed Stalker Amber ale was born.

hop ritual.jpg


Tyler is our resident mad scientist. While he currently works as a software engineer, Tyler loves offbeat and unusual beers. If you ever see one of our beers or a bad pun and wonder where it came from, Tyler probably had a hand in it.

educated rodents.jpg


Jenette spends most days away from the brewery, although you’ll find her working behind the bar from time to time. She currently works at the Anschutz medical campus doing animal research on skin cancer treatments. Jen loves beers with big cereal flavors, and she was the inspiration for our Educated Rodents Kölsch.

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